The russian comes through

Daniil came through. Abandoning web servers and php and complex sequence tracking. Replacing it with a simple html file with javascript that starts at a number and moves on. I finally get to experience the piece as I had it in my head. 20 seconds to experience an image and then dissolve to the next. The dissolve could have been smoother, I think a little slower, and there were a few hiccups, but the experience was mesmerizing. I think a few of the show guests say down and experienced it. I found myself in front of it for 20-30 minutes at a time.


image 4968

There were certain things that were fascinating about how it played out. While the experience seemed “slow” what was slow about it was the uniqueness of a “movie” playing out a frame at a time. As you saw each frame move from one to the next, very little was happening. It seemed almost boring to “watch”, but if you let yourself be distracted by the sound and people roaming around and drifted away from the canvas, for a time that seemed minimal, when you looked back there was a completely different picture. Everything about it. Color, composition, mood was different. It still resembled the previous memory you had of what you saw last, it was from the same “section” but it was completely different. Yet, watching it in action, transitioning from one image to the next, you didn’t notice the dramatic changes in color that were unfolding. Like watching a sunset. “Oh wow, now it is purple. Where did the pink go.”


image 5089


image 5325

I had the opportunity to watch it with my lifelong friend Andy Pollock, an accomplished architect who works with CAD tools that share many of the attributes of the fractal generating software I use. We discussed the organic, and non organic nature of the space we were looking at. Interestingly we found somewhat opposing elements interesting. I realized how deep my relationship with the subtle aspects of the resulting images has grown. I wonder where this will take my painting.


Image 5595

I listen to soul music and fans and electronic music and footsteps and wonder what Enclosure will sound like in here. I am so attached to the bright and solid image of the canvas projection. I wonder what it will feel like to experience the 30 foot wide projection with sound and musicians reacting. I am nervous and enthusiastic. Another world.


image 5705


image 5801

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