Gallery 505

This show was much bigger than I imagined. I suggested to the Gallery 505 committee in late November my interest in putting up work with Sasha and they immediately responded yes. Not what I expected. It made for an interesting holiday. Sasha was a great help through the entire process, helping with framing and image placement, as well as writing her own bio.

“Hi, my name is Sasha Goetz and I am 7 years old.
I like to paint and draw because it’s fun and it comes out really well. I like painting with my dad because sometimes when we are painting he has some really good ideas about what color we should do the animals. Before we start, I pick an animal and we choose our favorite image that we find on Google and we copy it.
Once, me and my dad copied my toy unicorns – the baby and the mom – and made a painting of them. Another time, me and my dad did a wolf painting. For this painting, we took two pictures of wolves – one howling at the moon and one just looking at you and we took the two pictures and made them into one painting.
I have two favorites that my dad and I have done. We did two paintings of a lion, but I like the lion one with the sharp, sharp teeth, and I like the wolf painting.
And now we are having a art show!”

Tim Goetz Photo

Tim Goetz Photo

The show is dedicated to the memory of my brother Tim, who’s photo was the inspiration for Sasha and my painting collaboration.

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