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My artistic approach is process-based and includes a variety of mediums: drawing, painting, mixed-media, video and music. The work projects can span years. Large scale projects include:

  • Fractalry, a 3-Dimensional Fractal project with video and still image output and a live studio installation project;
  • String Theory, that includes a dozen sketchbooks, a series of mixed media pigment prints, that are realized incased in epoxy resin, and a drawing series Fragments of charcoal and pastel works on paper;
  • Zero Time a multi-media piece, that has three primary components – Drawings, Paintings, and a video component that includes over 60 hours of recorded video, with an accompanying music score, that has been in production since 1999;
  • HA Chamber, a home audio chamber music ensemble, founded in 2014 that is currently developing a multi-media chamber music piece Enclosure.

I am attracted to both intimate work, particularly works on paper, and broader immersive media experiences. The balance of this work provides a rich body of work that is satisfying from the perspective of having consistent output that is a cross referential element for the longer works in process. The unifying component to the diverse body of my work is impermanence. It is reflected in my personal, spiritual beliefs and my life experience which includes witness to significant and dramatic personal loss. My influences are varied but have more emphasis in music and media artists including Ryuchi, Brian, Bill, Mark, and artists I studied with including Bob Culley, Peter, Richard Myers.

My work is shown under my own identity and ABTechno an artist collective that I founded.

January, 2014     Philip Goetz

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