Two Men and A Green Box

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Some works available for sale.
This series includes 15 pieces, created in 2012. They are works on paper with Gouache, Charcoal and china marker. Each piece is accompanied with suggestive narrative text. They are mounted on a masonite panel with the text tacked below the image. The images are 30″ w x 21″ high. The framed pieces are 37″ w x 29″ h. In the Gallery 505 Show they are being presented in 4 part installments, rotated bi-weekly.

Text "Ok ... Here's the deal."

Series #1 – Text “Ok … Here’s the deal.”

The Man with a green box is a character that has made brief appearances in my work since the early 1980’s. In this series he interacts with a second character.

Text " But... What if I'm not?"

Series #2 – Text ” But… What if I’m not?”

There placement of common figurative elements on the page and the rendering suggest different mood and situation, from collegial to confrontational.

Text "Trust me... You're not."

Series #3 – Text “Trust me… You’re not.”

The accompanying text only hints at a narrative. The viewer, like in a poem or a song lyric, is encouraged to find their own final narrative if they choose to.

Text "But... The two of you on the same page?"

Series #4 – Text “But… The two of you on the same page?”

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